We have lift-off! REIvolution Lite has just Launched!

//We have lift-off! REIvolution Lite has just Launched!

What better way to reiterate our company’s mission statement, than in the beginning of our latest product launch:

“At REIvolution, we strive to build the best data driven real estate investing platform, by incorporating all systems needed, in order to run a highly successful real estate investing business in a competitive 21st century.

Our partners and clients leverage our systems, and as a result their companies are able to increase performance, to track better and optimise relevant kpi’s, all of this with lowering their operational costs.

We constantly gather knowledge from some of the biggest investors in the United States, then we pack it into our products and services and we empower all of our clients with it.

We deliver this knowledge, attached to our software systems, to all types of real estate investing companies, from the sprouting all the way to the Fortune 500.

REIvolution is a fusion between two already established companies, one in real estate and the other in tech. We have acquired over 12 years of experience in building business systems, and so our team has constantly grown and matured over the years, both as individuals and as the total number of colleagues.

We harness the latest available technologies by incorporating the best 3rd party services on the market, machine learning and artificial intelligence, in order to keep our clients on the cutting edge and to automatise business processes as much as possible.”

We are thrilled to announce that, as it grows and matures day by day, REIvolution is extending its product line with two brand new versions, REIvolution Lite and REIvolution Elite.

Today is all about REIvolution Lite, our most agile version, which addresses to new and sprouting real estate investors, as well as to anyone who is interested in our product line and wants a 14 day free of charge test-drive. We are confident that this will prove that REIvolution is worth your time and money.

REIvolution Lite also comes with no implementation fee, it has 2 Podio workspaces, Operations and Back Office, and 14 Podio apps that include everything that you need to get started with real estate investing:

  • Lead Management
  • Basic Marketing
  • Appointments
  • Closings
  • Drip Campaigns via Email, Voicemail, Text and Tasks
  • Task Management
  • smrtPhone Phone & SMS System
  • OverView – Dashboards & Reports
  • SwiftMail – Email Management
  • Unlimited Contracts and Unlimited Contract Templates.

It also features our latest and most advanced CEO Dashboard:

More so, REIvolution Lite has an improved Support Workspace component, that will grease your needs, requests and overall communication with our consultants.

If you worry about how tech-savvy you need to be, just forget about it, because you’ll also get another key component installed into REIvolution Lite, our onboarding tool, REIvolution Academy. It comes packed with videos, screenshots, tasks, courses and assignments that will get you and your team up to speed in no time.

So stop grinding and working in your business, and begin working on growing and scaling it today! Click here to start your free trial!